Sunday, November 7, 2010

Disneyland Paris

Hello bloggies! What a wonderful castle *__*. So as I said in my last article, I went to Disneyland Paris with my family and my boyfriend.

Yeah I'm supposed to talk about Halloween in Disneyland Paris so let's start with some "Halloween pictures"! Only one "world" of the main park was decorated for Halloween with a lot of fake pumkins and... real pumkins men lol (funiest part). But yep taking everything into consideration I loved it! I'm just wondering if every years they change the decoration or not...It was the first time that I came to Disneyland for Halloween so I don't know. The first day was so fun, I was just a little disappointed because I missed every parades...

During the second day, the fairytail turned to a kind of nightmare u__u. Indeed excepted loooooong queues -__-, two attractions were breakdown u__u. So, I spent 1 hour in the queue for nothing... and this for two attractions... result? We only enjoyed one attraction that day... Good point, it was one of the 3 new attractions in the new "world" of Disney Studio's Park : Toy Story Playland" (I felt so little ^__^) haha. Finally my little monsters were so sad at the moment... We hav decided to go back to Disneyland by 2 years and this time for a magical Christmas. Because, I think that if you go there too often, this place might lost its magical/dream part.


  1. yeah i see that you've spent a good halloween :)
    i miss ya

  2. lucky you! looks like so much fun and thanks for sharing!