Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jewelry ash

Last time, I bought 2 boxes of Jewelry ash.. it's been around 1 year and a half, so I was afraid to use it as I didn't know the expiration date... I did so many researches on the Internet that I found some posts of girls saying that they hair turned green... so scary xD. I plucked up courage, and I did it! And good news! It's not green *__*, I'm so relieved. I really needed to hide my horrible roots... Sure, the result is still different compared to the box, but I like it, and it's still an easy way for me to change my dark natural hair color. If you want to read my review of Palty Diy Hair Color, here is the link ==>



At the same time, I've changed my nail art for something simple, because, as I said in one of my previous entry, I'm gonna look for a job. I don't want to make my potential employers run away from me because of strange nails x).

Let's talk about food now ^_^. My hometown is very close to Belgium. I was surprised to see that Mc Donald's menus are different. For example you can't order "potatoes" only french fries. And I ate the best dessert "Parfait". In France we only have Mc Fleury & Sunday... I don't know about the name used in your country. But the "Parfait" was amazing *_*.

Back to Paris, we have celebrated Korea at Uni with a special day dedicated to this country. I couldn't attend this event because I had to go to class, but I had the chance to try a famous dessert 경단 made with kidney bean. I really have to find it in the asian area of Paris *_*. One of the best thing I've ever eaten x).


  1. your nails are so pretty!!! and i love seeing the different menus at mcdonalds around the world hahahha i get excited when i see a new dessert that isn't avail in the US

  2. EEEEEEEeeee, the nails are so pretty! How on earth did you manage to draw them so delicate??
    your hair looks good too, I saw the jewelery ash colour and i didn't know what to make of it but now that I have seen yours it looks good :D

    1. I used a kind of stickers called "water decals" it's very easy to use, you should try :)

  3. For thing dt nail polish are so kawaiiiiiii! *glomp* I reli want u to polish my nails if we ever met one day ^^ ure talented gurl. Dt spongy food look lyk spongy gummy coated wf sugar lyk got in Brunei. Hehe.

  4. Honey I`m watching u for a while! I like your blog and I was thinking...maybe we can follow each other! tell me what do you think, kisses :X

  5. Wow! I'm going to McDonald's tonight but need to hurrrrryyyy! Ok I sort of exaggerated there.

  6. Sorry, I had someone jabbering at me while I was typing the last message. I like that sundae and also the kidney bean dessert looks delicious!

  7. Love your hair colour hun! Also, your bow tie nails are so nice, simple and dainty!!