Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Nail Art

I'm a little Geek Girl but I also like girls things ;p. As I've deleted all my blog, there is no more Nail Art. I'm gonna post my nails during June/July/August.

Sorry, bad quality, this picture was taken with my cellphone so... Anyway this was during June, I really wanted a RED "french". I thought red was already very flashy so I asked just some strass, looked like jewels, it was very cute.

Better quality isn't it? ;p. July Nail Art. Actually, I wanted something very special to go to Japan as Japan is THE COUNTRY for Nail Art. But I didn't have so much time to do it, you know packing suitcases etc -__- a real nightmare! Simple french, with several strass white and pink (several size) with a spangled line.

Again something simple for August. I'm on holiday but very busy xD so this time just stickers lace effect. These stickers come from Japan, a little souvenir ;).


  1. C'est vraiment très jolie !
    Au fait m'oublie pas pour Yesstyle ;)
    Tu m'en diras des nouvelles ! Hâte, hâte, hâte : mon envie de shopper me dévore (A)

  2. love the red tips! They are so attractive and cute :)

  3. these are all so cute!! i love japanese nail styles!!