Thursday, August 12, 2010


Wow 21 years old seriously?!?

I'm... maybe 15 in my mind lol, a very BIG child!!! Anyway, I've celebrated my birthday at home with a part of my family and my boyfriend because I don't really enjoy big parties and to be honest my friends are too different from each others to organize a party with them or too far :( **Namoureuse I miss you** Chocolate cake with raspberries *__*. For dinner we went to a Greek restaurant in Belgium.

I had a new camera LUMIX from Panasonic (red) yeah good choice Soui ^__^ **happy**. Why a Lumix? lol I must admit that I'm really influenced by japanese ads with Ayumi Hamasaki **big fan**.

I also had a bracelet (Moraletto) to put charms on it. From now I'm gonna buy a lot of charms, so cuuute *__* I love it. For now I have a Leo head (astrology) and a heart from my brother Mathéo, a rose and a "present" from my other little bro' Noah and two more adult and classy red charms from my mum.


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  2. Toi aussi tu me manques ma nana !

    Et voici une nouvelle inconditionnelle de Charm's ! A nous les bling bling autour de nos petits poignets !
    Oh Mode quand tu nous tiens...

  3. happy bday =D have fun with your new cam ^__^

  4. happy birthday!! lovely bracelet!! and yummy cake!!