Sunday, April 8, 2012

Growing up

Hello bloggies!

Indeed, it's been a while. Truth is... I've broken my laptop, well I mean because of a virus u_u so I had to save money to get a new one as I'm still a poor student xD. Wow, I was so unhappy without my computer! It's like a drug... So, this is my new baby *_*, I sleep with him, I.... I'm still looking for a name... just kidding of course x). But, to be honnest, several weeks without my computer has allowed me to work harder for Uni ;p. Sometimes, at the week end, I tried to blog from my boyfriend's laptop about a parcel that I've received from my japanese host family, and , I've also been tagged by Bunny, but I couldn't answer... sorry >_<.

As I had to save money to buy a new computer, I couldn't go back to my hometown as often as I used to, it was so difficult for me. Besides, my mum is my nail artist (because, no I'm not patient enough to do nail art) so I had to keep the "february nail art" during 2 months x_x it turned horrible. Finally, I came back home last week end... and... tadaaaaaa. Ok, it's not a secret anymore, you I know that I love black color, so I really enjoy this nail art style *_* thanks mummy, you are the best <3. 

I think it's gonna be my last extravagant nail art, because some things are going to change. My dad is selling our flat (Paris), so I'm gonna be homeless x). To be honnest, I have planned to go to Uni during 3 years, and right now, it's my second year. But, as my dad is living the town, I will have no choice but to get a job and to stop University. Fortunately, I have a great boyfriend who allows me to stay over.

Some of you, could think "lucky you" "you must be so excited" but actually, I think it's scary. Lately I've realised that I've grown up so fast... I'm realizing how short life is, we really should enjoy each seconds. I'm gonna be 23 in August, so yeah, I'm an adult now, for real... as I'm a student, I don't know why, but I used to regard myself as a teenager x). Joining the "working world" is scary... I'm over thinking everything these days, my brain is melting, and I'm feeling so nervous... maybe it's time for me to start yoga class xD.