Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ayumi Hamasaki 浜崎 あゆみ - Love songs

UP : Ayumi married Manuel Schwarz, the guy in Virgin Road, Love Song, Last Angel's PVs in LA on 01/01/2011. Congratulations! It was very fast but I'm so happy for her right now! I wish her all the best. She said that she found her Last Angel :) so cute.

My album of the month is "Love Songs" by Ayumi Hamasaki. As I already said on my blog, I'm a big fan of Ayu since almost 7 years! Already her 12th album. For those who know her, I was rather disappointed with RNRC, of course I can listen to it, no problem with that, but excepted Microphone and BALLADS I wasn't "in love" with the other songs...

With Love Songs, Ayu goes back in the past... maybe My Story area (one of her best album to me) but I was a little "sad" because there is no rock song like 1 LOVE or Rules. Only one of them is electro: Last Angel, so overall this album is calm. No boring summer songs such as Sunrise -Love is All- or Glitter (even if sometimes I like to listen to them... I think these songs should stay singles (not on albums)).

- Tracklist -

01.Love song
04.sending mail
05.Last angel
07.Like a doll
10.Thank U
11.Sweet Season
13.do it again
15.Virgin Road
[bonus track]
16.SEVEN DAYS WAR (Live at Yoyogi on Oct.11.2010)
Of course, there is the CD+DVD version with PVs and Making clip, but Avex Trax always deletes videos on youtube and Dailymotion... so I can't share it on my blog. But good news, Ayumi has an official channel on Youtube which allows you to watch PVs' previews! Unfortunately there is no preview for Last Angel's clip...


  1. Thanks for sharing! I haven't listened to Ayu in so long I don't know why... but I like the song you're playing on your playlist now so I'm going to check this album out :D

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  3. I hope you will enjoy her new album! I can't stop to listen to it *__*