Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas Joyeux Noël

Sorry, sorry, I'm in late! Merry Christmas my dear little bloggies!

I hope you had a wonderful time with your family, and that Santa brang you a lot of presents ;p. In my family, we prefer to celebrate Christmas Eve, we eat (a lot of course u__u) and around midnight Santa comes to give presents... so children are more than impatient until 00:00 (and so I am lol)!

It was so great to see little mosters' smiles ^__^. Anyway Santa did a great job, I'm very happy concerning my gifts! I had a Disney Couture Necklace "Alice in Wonderland". The packaging is so cute that I don't want to open it xD.

I also get a bracelet Disney Couture (oh yes thank you again Santa) "Have faith in your dreams".

Then I had the DVD of Ayumi Hamasaki's concert "Arena Tour 2006 - (miss) understood" great choice because (miss) understood is my favourite album!

Funny slippers haha but now Meeko is scared but Mushu thinks it's a new toy for him lol, he is so cute, love them.

Well, I'm gonna stop here with pictures, because my article is gonna be too big. I also had the video game Harvest Moon "Animal Parade", an other necklace... Santa has been very generous ;) I have been a nice little girl this year lol

Thank you again Santa ;)

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  1. Concernant les bijoux Disney j'suis jalouse ! ^^