Friday, November 26, 2010

Coup de coeur : Pixie Lott

These days I can't stop listening to Pixie Lott's songs! To be honest, this "coup de coeur" is very recent. Her first album "Turn it Up" was out in September 2009, and I bought it few months ago just to listen to her single "Mama Do (Uh, Oh, Uh, Oh)", it was on sales lool. She's not so popular in France, maybe that's why I didn't heard to her second and third single, but in UK she is a real idol (music but fashion Icone)! One day I decided to listen to every songs, and I LOVE them! I was so surprised! This album makes me feel so good!

I also like her 60's style which fits so good on her! Very beautiful young lady... oh ok, perfect make up style! But come on that kind of pictures make you feel better x) especially when you had a restless night u__u, watching your face in the mirror is such a challenge! Haha ;p

Pixie's Music Video:

Mama Do (Uh,Oh,Uh,Oh)

Boys and Girls

Cry me Out


Turn It Up

Broken Arrow


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