Monday, November 8, 2010

Souvenirs from Disney

My Halloween article about Disneyland Paris was already very long lol (in fact just beause of pictures,  I'm not very talkative these days). Of course, as I'm a Disney addict' well I bought some souvenirs for my little collection (who said little? lol o__O). Yep, I'm still a big child and I don't wanna give up this part of me.

"Manga Marie" (this is the real name, tho, doesn't really look like a manga...)  from the movie "Aristocats", so cute and soft *__*  love you lol.  And also this cute pillow. Do you recognize him? Haha surprise, actually this pillow has two faces. This item is a gift from my boyfriend to celebrate "Bienvenue/Maëva" day on October 30. Thank you, I love these big ears lol.

 Of course, I shouldn't forget my Minnie's cap *__* hey I really would like to wear it everyday LMAO xD but once you take the subway to leave Disney... 3 stations later, you're already an allien for people. But as it was Halloween, I wear it all day long *__* didn't care about people thoughts!


  1. J'adore, mais ce que je préfère par dessus tout c'est la peluche Marie, elle est trop mignonne ! :)
    Au fait je suis trop nulle.. j'ai oublié ta fête.. :(
    A chaque fois j'oublie que c'est à la saint Bienvenue !
    Sorry <3

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE Miss Bunny Pillow!!! Just sooo adorable!!! So jealouse!!