Sunday, November 14, 2010

Part of Wishlist : jewellry + video games

Hello bloggies!

I'm spending my week-end at mum's place, I missed my family so much in Paris. Bad point, the weather is really really bad : storm and I still have a lot of work (kanji exam on Saturday), so I won't do anything excepted resting at home with people I love. These days, I have a huge need to do some shopping xD, but Christmas is coming (let's save money!) and as a student, I'm "poor" lol, so I've turned to a windows shopper or should I say a screen shopper, e-shopping addict! I'm preparing my wishlist to Santa ;p

Since my last article about "Disney Couture", I have not ordered the charm bracelet  that I wanted because it's still not delivered in France **sad** and taking everything into consideration, it seems to be uncommon... so few websites sell jewellries of Disney Couture and there is no official website :/, tired of waiting, I felt in love with these two items (which can be delivered in France!) the first one is a necklace with Alice in Wonderland's pendants:

Geek part... I CAN'T WAIT FOR Donkey Kong Returns and Epic Mickey! **Sigh** I really need some free time to play as I used to do before going to University! I don't know if I'm gonna buy them or wait for Christmas... truth is, even if I would buy these games, I couldn't play because I don't have a Wii in Paris... would have to wait for my Christmas vacations to come back at mum's place... be reasonable... Donkey Kong is so special to me, because "Donkey Kong Coutry 1" was my very first video games on SNES and I spent so much time to play at it with my little bro' **sweet childhood memories**. And Epic Mickey? Well I've just watched videos, I don't really now the story, but it's very attractive, more dark than usual with different graphics, OMG so excited! You should check it ;) (of course only if you like video games hum).


  1. Ils sont trop beaux les bijoux Disney ! J'adore <3

  2. I really like that ring =D epic Mickey sounds like a fun game =D

    ps. I like your song on the playlist! Je suis Moi (does that mean I'm me???) but yeah anyway I don't know any French songs and it's sooo cool to listen to one! =D

  3. The Alice in Wonderland necklace is really gorgeous!
    and after reading your blog, I went to check out the Epic Mickey! It looks sooo cool! Thanks for introing it!!
    and good luck with the Kanji exam!

  4. i really like the alice necklace, it looks so dainty and cute! the ring also reminded me of Bvlgari's save the children ring, so fab!

  5. @Ceyphora Oh oui moi aussi *__* je peux plus attendre Noël je vais craquer lol

    @Frances Glad that you enjoyed Shy'm. I'm gonna answer on your blog.

    @Dolce Bunny thank you, I really need luck lol ;p

    @Minikichu oh actually it's not a ring (but you're right, right now, looking at my picture it really looks like it xD) sorry hehe, it's a bracelet in fact :)

  6. Donkey Kong country Returns is fun :D can´t to try epic mickey too!