Monday, December 29, 2014

Arcachon & Cap Ferret

This year I took the time to visit my own country. I went to Arcachon and Cap Ferret during May (we have a lot of public holidays during this period of the year!).

I always have to make a kind of room tour... sorry ^_^'. So this is our bedroom at the hotel "Le B d'Arcachon".

You can't go wrong with the local food!

Fish soupe, mussels and fondant au chocolat! YUMMY!!!

We rent bikes to reach the "Dune du Pilat".

It was tough! Boyfriend demanded breaks because he was exhasuted haha!!!

But it worth it!!! Look at this gorgeous landscape!

But the best part for me : Cap Ferret! I found my favorite beach!


You can not come here without trying their oysters.


I can't believe it has been 2 years since my last post... To be honest after I left university I was not able to find my place in the society... maybe this is the reason why I stopped updating my blog.

In the beginning of the year I was unemployed, I was sick of waiting for answers so I decided to fly to London for the first time. I needed a real break from my routine.

Truth is, I felt in love with this city. I had a big crush on Big Ben, I can't really explain why but I was obsessed with its architecture!

We were super lucky, no rain during our entire stay but the wind was icy! But I really wanted to visit this city as much as possible so we managed to face the cold weather!

On the first day, we took the famous "Big Bus Tour"... but for some reason, we got lost trying to find a bus stop x__x.

Of course we had to try "Fish and chips"!

On the second day we visited Mme Tussaud Museum. So much better than the Grévin Museum in Paris!

Yeah guilty! I'm a big fan of Britney Spears, so I had to take my picture. I felt kinda embarrassed to take pictures with statues in front of so many people!

We ended up the day with some shopping! The M&ms store was a must!

As an eternal big child, I had to visit Hamleys Toy Shop!

Piccadilly Circus by night. So beautiful but also so crowded!

Big cities are always more beautiful at night...

This was our room during our stay in London. I can't remember the name but it was next to the London Bridge!

I became totally addicted to the local breakfast! I am missing it everyday. I'm not a big fan of croissants (french breakfast)...

Thank you London for all these memories! I can't wait to come back!

New family member

May I introduce you... little JIMINI!!!

Jimini has joined us 7 weeks ago. He is a golden shaded british shorthair kitty cat and he is almost 4 months. My little baby is growing up so fast!

This is the first picture I took when I picked hip up at the station. He comes from a cat farm located 3 hours away from Paris, so this little monster had to take the train with me to reach his new home.

He used to be a very shy kitty but I think now we can say he is kinda... the big boss in this house. What they say is true : you don't own a cat they own you!

Jimini's first steps discovering the appartment. He was so proud when he climbed up the cat tree for thr first time!

Jimini is very close to us. He doesn't like being alone. He constantly wants to be in the same room which is super cute but sometimes a little bit annoying. He is really demanding, doesn't really enjoy playing by himself.

In spite of his little requirements he is super adorable, he gives us a lot of love everyday and we are very happy that he has joined us. This little bawl of fur and energy brings so much to our life.

We love you little monster <3 comment-3--="">

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hey guys! Long time no see, as usual... It's 11:30 am, I wanted to watch Modern Family on the TV, but for some reason, my TV doesn't work u_u" I'm so frustrated! So I've decided to update my blog. I've finally given up my old HTC wildfire and bought the IPHONE 4S... and waw I'm just in love with this phone *__*. At the same time, I've created my Instagram account which is so cool, if you wanna join me my user name is catamiaou ;). 

Now, concerning my little life, few weeks ago, I went to Chamonix to see my dad who has moved out there with his new wife and my little bro'... yeah this family is complicated lol. To be honnest I don't really enjoy mountains' landscapes... I can't explain, I don't feel confortable at all. But at least, the weather was so nice! I don't know if in your country the weather question is important recently or not, but in France, it's on the top of topics because July is so cold, so rainy, it's totally unusual, everybody is missing the sun, we are so sad...

My apartment has been officially sold... so, for now, I'm living with my boyfriend and I'm also looking for a job as a personal assistant which is not an easy task... But it's been only a week so I have to be more patient I suppose...

I've also dyed my hair, goodbye red hair, maybe because of the weather... as it's always dark outside I wanted my hair to be darker too so I've bought Color Casting by L'Oréal "Chocolat Glacé", I feel much more better now... until next time xD. As I'm always changing my hair color, I wanted to try L'Oréal new hair care called "Extraordinary Oil", it smells so good, provides complete protection and nourishment without leaving a greasy residue. It's my favourite hair product of July <3.

I hope you are enjoying your holiday, and summer time! I wish I was on a beach *__* haaaaa....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Japan Expo

Hey Guys!

Hope you are doing well? Yesterday I went to Paris' Japan Expo with my brother for the first time. I was supposed to go there 5 years ago if I'm not mistaken because I wanted to meet Anna Tsuchiya and Olivia Lufkin but unfortunately I had exams. 5 years later I've decided to go there as everybody at Uni were talking about this event but to be honnest I've been a little bit disappointed... I don't know maybe I had too much expectations... brief...

So crowded....

Testing the next Super Mario Bros on Nintendo 3DS XL and also Kingdom Hearts

Unable to get food... but happy to get a delicious coco bubble tea

Cosplay, cosplay, cosplay....

Sailor Moon & Kingdom Hearts were everywhere. I think Sailor Moon's manga are back in stores and Kingdom Hearts has finally its manga.