Monday, December 29, 2014

New family member

May I introduce you... little JIMINI!!!

Jimini has joined us 7 weeks ago. He is a golden shaded british shorthair kitty cat and he is almost 4 months. My little baby is growing up so fast!

This is the first picture I took when I picked hip up at the station. He comes from a cat farm located 3 hours away from Paris, so this little monster had to take the train with me to reach his new home.

He used to be a very shy kitty but I think now we can say he is kinda... the big boss in this house. What they say is true : you don't own a cat they own you!

Jimini's first steps discovering the appartment. He was so proud when he climbed up the cat tree for thr first time!

Jimini is very close to us. He doesn't like being alone. He constantly wants to be in the same room which is super cute but sometimes a little bit annoying. He is really demanding, doesn't really enjoy playing by himself.

In spite of his little requirements he is super adorable, he gives us a lot of love everyday and we are very happy that he has joined us. This little bawl of fur and energy brings so much to our life.

We love you little monster <3 comment-3--="">

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