Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jolin Tsai Cài Yīlín, 蔡依林 - Myself

Excepted kitties and video games, I've got an other "passion" : azn music. One of my favourite singer is Jolin Tsai, a Taiwanese singer. Recently, she has recorded a new album entitled "Myself". I'm totally fan *__*. I think it's my favourite one with "Dancing Diva" (for those who know her), which was really good too and actually it was my first Jolin Tsai's CD! Of course, I can't understand lyrics by myself T__T, fortunately, there are a lot of websites which translate them <3


01. 美人計 / Honey trap / Mei Ren Ji
02. Missed call (interlude)
03. 玩愛之徒 / Love player / Wan Ai Zhi Tu
04. Secret talk (interlude)
05. 派大星 / Party star / Pai Da Xing
06. Let’s start the dance (interlude)
07. 黑髮尤物 / Black-haired beautiful girl / Hei Fa You Wu
08. 無言以對 / Nothing left to say / Wu Yan Yi Dui
09. L`amour est parti (interlude name)
10. 小傷口 / Real hurt / Xiao Shang Kou
11. 娘子漢 / Macho babe / Niang Zi Han
12. 七上八下 / Butterflies in my stomach / Qi Shang Ba Xia
13. 解散愛 / Let’s break up / Jie San Ai
14. I Love you too (interlude name)
15. 即時生效 / Take immediate action / Ji Shi Sheng Xiao
For now, 5 PV are available, can't wait for the others!

Honey Trap

Love Player

Nothing left to say

Butterflies in my stomach

Take immediate action

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mushu and Meeko

May I introduce you this time, my two little babies ^__^ (no more babies but...). I'm just totally crazy of them. The reason why I'm Catamiaou ;)



And so... my bedroom looks like a playroom for cats xD.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Japan second week

- July 10 -

Week end!!! This day, early in the morning, I had to go back to my first host family's home. Rather sad to say goodbye to Yasuko's family. Arrived at home, I finally had the chance to meet my host dad, but no time to talk, I had to meet some friends, we decided to go to Odaiba. It was so hot... a real nightmare! Fortunately there were the sea *__*. There are a lot of things to see in Odaiba, very beautiful place.

Venus Fort Mall Center

Statue of Liberty

We also tried Onsen, you know kind of thermal spring, very popular in Japan. But... you have to be naked. There is a common place where everybody wear a Yukata and walk into water, and then, you can go in THE real thermal spring with several kind of water with natural products, and here... well women are naked (men have their own thermal spring in an other room of course). I was so hot... seriously I couldn't stayed longer than 5 min... I spent my time into cold water x). I thought that I will pass out! But I must admit that I was totally relax after... until Ikebukuro station... I get lost T__T, this station is so big!

- July 11 -

Exhausted, I woke up for the first time at 10 o'clock. I didn't have air conditioning in my room anymore... everyday was a real challenge! I decided to go to Asakusa, I wanted to see the famous temple ;). A quiet day.

- July 12 -

Hey nothing interesting xD. School, mails, blabla ;p

- July 13 -

First "cold" day. Actually temperature was around 25°C but seemed cold. July 13 was Karaoke day in Shinjuku with my classmates. We had a great time. Japanese Karaoke is very special, you have to try it if you go to Japan. I tried this cocktail (can't remember the name)... awful x__x.


- July 14 -

After class, I went to a sushi bar in Shin Okubo (even if I hate fish). Yeah, I was in Japan, I had to try sushi! Surprise! They were full of wasabi OMG I cried T__T so spicy!!! Last sushi of my life lol.


- July 15 -

Just talked about several projects with my friends, where to go etc. Next place : Yokohama (week end of course). Plans to meet some japanese friends from Twitter, and some "real" friends from France. Actually 8 of my french friends were in Japan at the same time. So many things to do here *__* I love Japan.


- July 16 -

Goodbye day. Last day in Japan for one of my classmate **sad**. I had to meet one of my japanese friend in Shinjuku but again... I get lost haha so funny -__-. I couldn't reach his phone... I was so angry!!! (not mad at my friend of course but me). I spent a lot of money in phone boxes... don't know why it didn't work. So I rang to school to send him an email -__- I had to be earlier than usual at home because it was the last day of my "roommate" with our host family. An other challenge, I was so tired that day...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Unlucky with hairdresser x)

Yep yep... it was sur! Two weeks ago I posted a picture of my "new hair color", something very discreet... cocoa strands to light up my natural color and now... these strands are... TADAM BLOND!!! -__- exactly what I really don't want! **Lucky girl**. I think it's too light compared to my natural color. I can't wait to dye my hair again... I'm waiting because I don't want to damage them...

Monday, August 23, 2010


May I introduce you my new little brother MANO. He was born on August 15 (Leo yeah!). Welcome little monster number 4, yes because I already have 3 little monsters, I'm the only girl (and the older lol) in my family, sometimes it's rather difficult.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm back

Hello bloggies!

I'm back from my Holiday in South of France (Montauroux, Cannes for those who know). My schedule? Well pool, beach *__* in one word : paradise! Aaaaah people in South are so lucky because the weather is so good! In my town, summer is already over T__T. Currently in Cannes, there is a n international fireworks festival. I had the chance to watch one of them (Poland), it was just wonderful! At the same time I tried my new camera, I'm rather satisfied ^__^.

I also went to Saint Raphael and watched peruvian musicians and dancers. I'm sur that most part of you are going to think that it's weird but I LOVE their music xD. Everytime there are peruvian musicians, I feel attracted by them hehe so everytime I buy one of their CDs. It makes me think that I really would like visiting Peru *__*, maybe my next destination?

So main activity ==> pool but to be honest, temperature was TOO cold x__X that's why I stoll  my little brothers' buoy huhu but actually it was a bad idea... I let you guess what happened then...

Then we went to Italia for doing shopping "Ventimiglia". I ate the most delicious lasagna of the world seriously! And an amazing ice cream with strawberries!

Maybe I've put on weight (which would be a good point!) with this delicious "Fondant au chocolat", Douguy and I were totally addicted. My fav' dessert <3.


Friday, August 13, 2010


Time for holiday!!!
I'm going to Montauroux (South of France) during a week with my family.
See you soon, take care of you <3

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Wow 21 years old seriously?!?

I'm... maybe 15 in my mind lol, a very BIG child!!! Anyway, I've celebrated my birthday at home with a part of my family and my boyfriend because I don't really enjoy big parties and to be honest my friends are too different from each others to organize a party with them or too far :( **Namoureuse I miss you** Chocolate cake with raspberries *__*. For dinner we went to a Greek restaurant in Belgium.

I had a new camera LUMIX from Panasonic (red) yeah good choice Soui ^__^ **happy**. Why a Lumix? lol I must admit that I'm really influenced by japanese ads with Ayumi Hamasaki **big fan**.

I also had a bracelet (Moraletto) to put charms on it. From now I'm gonna buy a lot of charms, so cuuute *__* I love it. For now I have a Leo head (astrology) and a heart from my brother Mathéo, a rose and a "present" from my other little bro' Noah and two more adult and classy red charms from my mum.

New hair color

A little change. My natural hair color is dark brown very close to black. I wanted to change, just a little so I've decided to ask to one of my friend who is hairdresser to bleach some strands of my hair and then, to dye them in Cocoa. So now, I've got some gold (because finally some bleached strands look like more blond ) and cocoa reflections. I've tried to take a picture but it doesn't look like reality... even with my new camera xD I'm definitly not good at taking pictures lol **sad**

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shoes addict

Yeah... it's again shopping time! But what can I say... I NEED to do shopping these days *__* it's a obcession! Yes "obcession" is THE word! And this time, I felt in love with these shoes (ASOS). I was so blinded by these beauties that I didn't take a look to the heels x__x so high!!! This is the bad point. I can wear high-heeled but this time really... I don't know. I think I would be able to walk etc. but I wouldn't feel confortable, I'm rather little so when I become suddenly tall it makes me feel weird... For "big events" ;)

But but but lol, even if I buy a lot of things, I'm still in "Geek mode"... I've tried to play at Pokemon... I'm irrecoverable seriously -__-' and guess what?! I like it! **help**

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Nail Art

I'm a little Geek Girl but I also like girls things ;p. As I've deleted all my blog, there is no more Nail Art. I'm gonna post my nails during June/July/August.

Sorry, bad quality, this picture was taken with my cellphone so... Anyway this was during June, I really wanted a RED "french". I thought red was already very flashy so I asked just some strass, looked like jewels, it was very cute.

Better quality isn't it? ;p. July Nail Art. Actually, I wanted something very special to go to Japan as Japan is THE COUNTRY for Nail Art. But I didn't have so much time to do it, you know packing suitcases etc -__- a real nightmare! Simple french, with several strass white and pink (several size) with a spangled line.

Again something simple for August. I'm on holiday but very busy xD so this time just stickers lace effect. These stickers come from Japan, a little souvenir ;).