Friday, August 27, 2010

Japan second week

- July 10 -

Week end!!! This day, early in the morning, I had to go back to my first host family's home. Rather sad to say goodbye to Yasuko's family. Arrived at home, I finally had the chance to meet my host dad, but no time to talk, I had to meet some friends, we decided to go to Odaiba. It was so hot... a real nightmare! Fortunately there were the sea *__*. There are a lot of things to see in Odaiba, very beautiful place.

Venus Fort Mall Center

Statue of Liberty

We also tried Onsen, you know kind of thermal spring, very popular in Japan. But... you have to be naked. There is a common place where everybody wear a Yukata and walk into water, and then, you can go in THE real thermal spring with several kind of water with natural products, and here... well women are naked (men have their own thermal spring in an other room of course). I was so hot... seriously I couldn't stayed longer than 5 min... I spent my time into cold water x). I thought that I will pass out! But I must admit that I was totally relax after... until Ikebukuro station... I get lost T__T, this station is so big!

- July 11 -

Exhausted, I woke up for the first time at 10 o'clock. I didn't have air conditioning in my room anymore... everyday was a real challenge! I decided to go to Asakusa, I wanted to see the famous temple ;). A quiet day.

- July 12 -

Hey nothing interesting xD. School, mails, blabla ;p

- July 13 -

First "cold" day. Actually temperature was around 25°C but seemed cold. July 13 was Karaoke day in Shinjuku with my classmates. We had a great time. Japanese Karaoke is very special, you have to try it if you go to Japan. I tried this cocktail (can't remember the name)... awful x__x.


- July 14 -

After class, I went to a sushi bar in Shin Okubo (even if I hate fish). Yeah, I was in Japan, I had to try sushi! Surprise! They were full of wasabi OMG I cried T__T so spicy!!! Last sushi of my life lol.


- July 15 -

Just talked about several projects with my friends, where to go etc. Next place : Yokohama (week end of course). Plans to meet some japanese friends from Twitter, and some "real" friends from France. Actually 8 of my french friends were in Japan at the same time. So many things to do here *__* I love Japan.


- July 16 -

Goodbye day. Last day in Japan for one of my classmate **sad**. I had to meet one of my japanese friend in Shinjuku but again... I get lost haha so funny -__-. I couldn't reach his phone... I was so angry!!! (not mad at my friend of course but me). I spent a lot of money in phone boxes... don't know why it didn't work. So I rang to school to send him an email -__- I had to be earlier than usual at home because it was the last day of my "roommate" with our host family. An other challenge, I was so tired that day...


  1. wow this trip sound so much fun!! i am so jealous!! i love japan and ive never been-but would love to some day!! i would love to try the hot spring, sounds interesting!! and i on the other hand looovvvee sushi hehe :)

  2. looks like you had massive amount of fun! That's so cool ^^ I miss going to onssen T^T

  3. Coucou!!

    Merci d'être passée sur mon blog!! Je ne sais pas comment tu l'as trouvé en effet loool
    Mais c'est pas grave du tout, au contraire!
    En tout cas j'ai regardé un peu ton blog, I miss Japan loool
    J'vois qu'on a fait les mêmes endroits <3

  4. Mdr bon ça va alors on sait jamais si c'était super privé etc xD. I miss Japan too, je m'en suis toujours pas remise T__T.