Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm back

Hello bloggies!

I'm back from my Holiday in South of France (Montauroux, Cannes for those who know). My schedule? Well pool, beach *__* in one word : paradise! Aaaaah people in South are so lucky because the weather is so good! In my town, summer is already over T__T. Currently in Cannes, there is a n international fireworks festival. I had the chance to watch one of them (Poland), it was just wonderful! At the same time I tried my new camera, I'm rather satisfied ^__^.

I also went to Saint Raphael and watched peruvian musicians and dancers. I'm sur that most part of you are going to think that it's weird but I LOVE their music xD. Everytime there are peruvian musicians, I feel attracted by them hehe so everytime I buy one of their CDs. It makes me think that I really would like visiting Peru *__*, maybe my next destination?

So main activity ==> pool but to be honest, temperature was TOO cold x__X that's why I stoll  my little brothers' buoy huhu but actually it was a bad idea... I let you guess what happened then...

Then we went to Italia for doing shopping "Ventimiglia". I ate the most delicious lasagna of the world seriously! And an amazing ice cream with strawberries!

Maybe I've put on weight (which would be a good point!) with this delicious "Fondant au chocolat", Douguy and I were totally addicted. My fav' dessert <3.


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  1. welcome back! Your holiday looks fantastic! So jealous of you :)