Friday, July 30, 2010

Disney Couture Jewelry

Wow I didn't know that Disney have planned to create their own Jewels **big fan of Disney**.

Ususally I must admit that I don't buy jewels, I just wear a ring and a bracelet which are special to me but when I saw this *__*. I wanted to order this one on unfortunately this article is only delivered in UK and Ireland :( what a tragedy, when I want something it's NOW lol T__T. Anyway I only found 3 online stores which sell these jewels : , 80's purple and so if you are interested... ENJOY!!! (or let me know if you know other stores hihi)

This one is based on Alice in Wonderland (seen on Lidsay Lohan but this point doesn't attract me at all ;p)

This one on "Princess Collection". Of course there are other articles, not only bracelets, but they are my fav'

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Japan first week

- July 3 -

I was just totally afraid! Sur Japan is one of my dream... but to go to Japan you have to catch plane! And planes are just one of my biggest fear. I had to overcome it, alone... Crocodile's tears at Paris airport, I wanted to run away. After walking three times around the airport, I finally decided to say goodbye to my boyfriend. Step by step, I arrived in the plane, smiling flight attendant... took a breathe... here we go! Time for dinner? Sorry I can't medicines to sleep are finally efficient, zombi power.


- July 4 -

11:30 hours later I was in Narita airport (wow really???), but bad news, my cellphone didn't work T__T **panic panic PANIC**. I looked for my driver. He was little, coated and very shy, so cute. Firts smile. Beautiful car, newspaper, drinks, I was a VIP (joke). Anyway the VIP was more than exhauted, I felt asleep. 3 hours later, I was still in the car? o__O Where am I? The traffic was just terrible, streets were just incredibly narrowed. Buildings everywhere... everything is grey even the sky **homesickness**. I finally met my host mum and her daugter baby Sheano, her husband was in a business trip. She is so nice, I was relieved. Good point, she is able to speak english and I realize that I really can speak a little japanese **motivating**. There were an other student in her house, a chinese boy or american boy lol perfect english etc. very welcoming too.

- July 5 -

Sad event, someone passed away in the family of my host mum. I was supposed to stay alone in her house during a week, she had to go to Hokkaido. Again, **panic, panic**. First experience in Tokyo's metro, Kanji are everywhere, it's really difficult but no problem. Tokyo was so hot! 36°C in the morning plus humidity... I was melting! First day at KAI school, first meeting with my class and my teachers. I' was the only french people in my class, I had to speak in english, yeah good point hum but between japanese and english my brain was... stew x__x. Fortunately in the others class, there were french people YAY \o/ "be my friends" lol. A member of the staff told me that finally, I had to go in an other host family during a week. So stressful... In summer in Japan, it's also "Tsuyu" season of rains, in 10 minutes, the water reached my ankle, amazing.

- July 6 -

I had to deal with jetlag. Again : woke up at 2 am... impossible to sleep but I was really lucky I had air conditioning in my room, seriously it was paradise! This new family was vey nice too. They were 3 : mum, dad and their 8 years old daugter Rin chan, so cute. Fortunately they can speak a little english, it's more difficult for me to understand them, I didn't know why... maybe I was too tired. During the morning Yasuko  san showed me the city, how to go to the station (20 minutes), and she also helped me to buy a telephone card. I can reassure my family... indeed I couldn't tell them that I was fine as my cellphone didn't work, no Internet connection etc.

- July 7 -

NANA! Tanabata days, japanese tradition. I went to a traditional village to write wishes with Yasuko san. It was so beautiful, bamboos are so well decorated by children. Tanabata... it's not just about writing wishes, fireworks and yukata, it's also about a love story, lovers punished by god... they are allowed to meet each other once a year, so on July 7, unfortunately only if we can see the river of stars at night... it was so cloudy.

- July 8 -

Problem of the day : how to charge my PASMO card? xD. Too afraid to ask for help, I wanna do it by myself. I still have not visited anything in Tokyo, I don't have time, school and then going back to home without getting lost... Everyday is a real mission. At school we tried to plan to go to Karaoke and Onsen next week. I was so exhausted because of the weather, jetlag, stress etc. At my host home I met my host mum's mother, very cool, she likes beer and cooks so well : Katsudon, I love it!!!

- July 9 -

Last day in this host family, I felt so sad. Yasuko san was so nice with me and very funny! And Rin Chan T__T awwww... Anyway, after school I went to an Izakaya for my "goodbye party" with my host family in Shinjuku. It was so beautiful *__* so japanese, and food so yummy! Hey I ate sushi (but only salmon hum), yakitori, noodles and... I don't remember names lol. We went to Shinjuku by night, again "tsuyu"... did Purikura but I can't show it on my blog haha to ugly, alien eyes etc. but it was very funny, you should try if you go to Japan.