Friday, July 30, 2010

Disney Couture Jewelry

Wow I didn't know that Disney have planned to create their own Jewels **big fan of Disney**.

Ususally I must admit that I don't buy jewels, I just wear a ring and a bracelet which are special to me but when I saw this *__*. I wanted to order this one on unfortunately this article is only delivered in UK and Ireland :( what a tragedy, when I want something it's NOW lol T__T. Anyway I only found 3 online stores which sell these jewels : , 80's purple and so if you are interested... ENJOY!!! (or let me know if you know other stores hihi)

This one is based on Alice in Wonderland (seen on Lidsay Lohan but this point doesn't attract me at all ;p)

This one on "Princess Collection". Of course there are other articles, not only bracelets, but they are my fav'


  1. J'adore ! Moi qui suit une dingue de bijoux fantaisie j'adhère totalement !

  2. Oh oui oh oui *__* il me les fauuuut lol