Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hey guys! Long time no see, as usual... It's 11:30 am, I wanted to watch Modern Family on the TV, but for some reason, my TV doesn't work u_u" I'm so frustrated! So I've decided to update my blog. I've finally given up my old HTC wildfire and bought the IPHONE 4S... and waw I'm just in love with this phone *__*. At the same time, I've created my Instagram account which is so cool, if you wanna join me my user name is catamiaou ;). 

Now, concerning my little life, few weeks ago, I went to Chamonix to see my dad who has moved out there with his new wife and my little bro'... yeah this family is complicated lol. To be honnest I don't really enjoy mountains' landscapes... I can't explain, I don't feel confortable at all. But at least, the weather was so nice! I don't know if in your country the weather question is important recently or not, but in France, it's on the top of topics because July is so cold, so rainy, it's totally unusual, everybody is missing the sun, we are so sad...

My apartment has been officially sold... so, for now, I'm living with my boyfriend and I'm also looking for a job as a personal assistant which is not an easy task... But it's been only a week so I have to be more patient I suppose...

I've also dyed my hair, goodbye red hair, maybe because of the weather... as it's always dark outside I wanted my hair to be darker too so I've bought Color Casting by L'Oréal "Chocolat Glacé", I feel much more better now... until next time xD. As I'm always changing my hair color, I wanted to try L'Oréal new hair care called "Extraordinary Oil", it smells so good, provides complete protection and nourishment without leaving a greasy residue. It's my favourite hair product of July <3.

I hope you are enjoying your holiday, and summer time! I wish I was on a beach *__* haaaaa....


  1. love the new color!!!

    good luck w the job hunt. it's tough but hang in there!!! you'll find something <3

  2. your hair looks sooo beautiful! :) and the scenery is sooo gorgeous :)


  3. You look beautiful with dark hair :) .. I followed u on Instagram :D I´ve had my iphone 4 for about more than 2 years now and i still love it ^^, .. we have beautiful mountains and Fjords in Norway, maybe you´ll like it :p

  4. I kinda love d color of ur hair now. U look so beautiful :)

  5. I like the color! you're beautiful..I tried L'oreal Casting Creme Closs 415 maron glace-I liked...And I dye my hair next week with 323 Dark Chocolate..

  6. Thank you :) and good luck with your next color I hope you will enjoy it