Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I've screwed up...

What's up guys?

I heard that today is the first day of summer... I was like "really o_O???" I mean, in France, the weather is so bad.. since the beginning of spring we had maybe 15 sunny days... Anyway, big summer vacations are starting wich means that exams are over. Unfortunately, this year I've screwed up my exams :/ I was a little bit (or a LOT xD) sad... but I must move forward. Last week, I've been working as a hostess for an event, it allowed me to change my mind. It was such a great experience. I was in charge of welcoming VIP and driving them thanks to a golf cart through the exhibition. Working conditions were kinda good since I could enjoy the VIP lounge and enjoyed great gourmet menus.

One part of the VIP lounge... so cosy

Duck fois gras terrine, Mango chutney, Lamb's lettuce

Roasted sea bass fillet, vegetable tagliattelle with saffron

Vanilla chiboust cream & raspberries, butterscotch sauce and brown sugar puff pastry

Now, I'm spending the week in my hometown, and then, I'm gonna go to Chamonix during a week to see my dad before moving out, deadline is July 10th... I don't think I will have funny plans for this summer because I have to look for a job. Wish me good luck! But, one thing I really need to do this summer... working out! Seriously cellulite is going to become my worst enemy, I really need to shake my butt xD. I'm kinda interested by the swedish gym. Wait and see. Enjoy your summer vacations guys!

About LUSH...

Hey guys! Long time no see!

Recently a LUSH store has opened next to my train station in Paris. I've been attracted by the eco/earth friendly thing, 100% natural, handmade cosmetics etc. So I've tried a capillary cream... and guess what? I'm so disappointed! Right now, I'm blogging with horrible sticky hair xD it's terrible! I don't know if I've been totally unlucky with this one... really it's like if I put tons of hair gel... I don't understand because this cream was supposed to repair my hair x) to make it softer. I washed my hands twice and it is still sticky o_O'. I should add that I can't stand the smell called "Gorilla Perfume"... I've tried it with dry hair, wet hair... under the shower but the result is always the same... Well, that's all... I think I just have to grab an other shower x_x. They gave me a free sample for my face, but I really don't want to try it xD too scary, no way!!! What about you guys? Have you ever tried LUSH products?