Saturday, November 27, 2010

I said : I love Paris!

Wow WTF, me saying I love Paris?!

It's been already around 3 weeks (just received Ray's pictures, I didn't have my camera that day xD), I walked in Paris with my friend Ray. We went to Les Champs Elysées and we stoped us in a park to talk about various things. When we decided to go back to home, it was sunset, and everything was so pink! So beautiful! I said : Je vois la vie en rose! lol but seriously, Paris showed me an other face, I was just like a tourist, and thought from the bottom of my heart that Paris was wonderful.

Oh yeah there were french and chinese's flags because China's President came in Paris that week. So Champs Elysées were totally decorated for him. As he was around... for safety subway was closed u__u, we had to walk until "Les Invalides" very beautiful place too.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Coup de coeur : Pixie Lott

These days I can't stop listening to Pixie Lott's songs! To be honest, this "coup de coeur" is very recent. Her first album "Turn it Up" was out in September 2009, and I bought it few months ago just to listen to her single "Mama Do (Uh, Oh, Uh, Oh)", it was on sales lool. She's not so popular in France, maybe that's why I didn't heard to her second and third single, but in UK she is a real idol (music but fashion Icone)! One day I decided to listen to every songs, and I LOVE them! I was so surprised! This album makes me feel so good!

I also like her 60's style which fits so good on her! Very beautiful young lady... oh ok, perfect make up style! But come on that kind of pictures make you feel better x) especially when you had a restless night u__u, watching your face in the mirror is such a challenge! Haha ;p

Pixie's Music Video:

Mama Do (Uh,Oh,Uh,Oh)

Boys and Girls

Cry me Out


Turn It Up

Broken Arrow

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November Nail Art

Just a little update to introduce you my nail art of November, more dark than usual, but maybe some of you know that I prefer this kind of color hehe. To be honest I was inspired by Ayumi Hamasaki's nail art (but less strass than hers),I saw it in "Sweet" magazine (septembrer 2009).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Part of Wishlist : jewellry + video games

Hello bloggies!

I'm spending my week-end at mum's place, I missed my family so much in Paris. Bad point, the weather is really really bad : storm and I still have a lot of work (kanji exam on Saturday), so I won't do anything excepted resting at home with people I love. These days, I have a huge need to do some shopping xD, but Christmas is coming (let's save money!) and as a student, I'm "poor" lol, so I've turned to a windows shopper or should I say a screen shopper, e-shopping addict! I'm preparing my wishlist to Santa ;p

Since my last article about "Disney Couture", I have not ordered the charm bracelet  that I wanted because it's still not delivered in France **sad** and taking everything into consideration, it seems to be uncommon... so few websites sell jewellries of Disney Couture and there is no official website :/, tired of waiting, I felt in love with these two items (which can be delivered in France!) the first one is a necklace with Alice in Wonderland's pendants:

Geek part... I CAN'T WAIT FOR Donkey Kong Returns and Epic Mickey! **Sigh** I really need some free time to play as I used to do before going to University! I don't know if I'm gonna buy them or wait for Christmas... truth is, even if I would buy these games, I couldn't play because I don't have a Wii in Paris... would have to wait for my Christmas vacations to come back at mum's place... be reasonable... Donkey Kong is so special to me, because "Donkey Kong Coutry 1" was my very first video games on SNES and I spent so much time to play at it with my little bro' **sweet childhood memories**. And Epic Mickey? Well I've just watched videos, I don't really now the story, but it's very attractive, more dark than usual with different graphics, OMG so excited! You should check it ;) (of course only if you like video games hum).

Monday, November 8, 2010

Souvenirs from Disney

My Halloween article about Disneyland Paris was already very long lol (in fact just beause of pictures,  I'm not very talkative these days). Of course, as I'm a Disney addict' well I bought some souvenirs for my little collection (who said little? lol o__O). Yep, I'm still a big child and I don't wanna give up this part of me.

"Manga Marie" (this is the real name, tho, doesn't really look like a manga...)  from the movie "Aristocats", so cute and soft *__*  love you lol.  And also this cute pillow. Do you recognize him? Haha surprise, actually this pillow has two faces. This item is a gift from my boyfriend to celebrate "Bienvenue/Maëva" day on October 30. Thank you, I love these big ears lol.

 Of course, I shouldn't forget my Minnie's cap *__* hey I really would like to wear it everyday LMAO xD but once you take the subway to leave Disney... 3 stations later, you're already an allien for people. But as it was Halloween, I wear it all day long *__* didn't care about people thoughts!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Disneyland Paris

Hello bloggies! What a wonderful castle *__*. So as I said in my last article, I went to Disneyland Paris with my family and my boyfriend.

Yeah I'm supposed to talk about Halloween in Disneyland Paris so let's start with some "Halloween pictures"! Only one "world" of the main park was decorated for Halloween with a lot of fake pumkins and... real pumkins men lol (funiest part). But yep taking everything into consideration I loved it! I'm just wondering if every years they change the decoration or not...It was the first time that I came to Disneyland for Halloween so I don't know. The first day was so fun, I was just a little disappointed because I missed every parades...

During the second day, the fairytail turned to a kind of nightmare u__u. Indeed excepted loooooong queues -__-, two attractions were breakdown u__u. So, I spent 1 hour in the queue for nothing... and this for two attractions... result? We only enjoyed one attraction that day... Good point, it was one of the 3 new attractions in the new "world" of Disney Studio's Park : Toy Story Playland" (I felt so little ^__^) haha. Finally my little monsters were so sad at the moment... We hav decided to go back to Disneyland by 2 years and this time for a magical Christmas. Because, I think that if you go there too often, this place might lost its magical/dream part.