Saturday, November 27, 2010

I said : I love Paris!

Wow WTF, me saying I love Paris?!

It's been already around 3 weeks (just received Ray's pictures, I didn't have my camera that day xD), I walked in Paris with my friend Ray. We went to Les Champs Elysées and we stoped us in a park to talk about various things. When we decided to go back to home, it was sunset, and everything was so pink! So beautiful! I said : Je vois la vie en rose! lol but seriously, Paris showed me an other face, I was just like a tourist, and thought from the bottom of my heart that Paris was wonderful.

Oh yeah there were french and chinese's flags because China's President came in Paris that week. So Champs Elysées were totally decorated for him. As he was around... for safety subway was closed u__u, we had to walk until "Les Invalides" very beautiful place too.

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