Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jolin Tsai Cài Yīlín, 蔡依林 - Myself

Excepted kitties and video games, I've got an other "passion" : azn music. One of my favourite singer is Jolin Tsai, a Taiwanese singer. Recently, she has recorded a new album entitled "Myself". I'm totally fan *__*. I think it's my favourite one with "Dancing Diva" (for those who know her), which was really good too and actually it was my first Jolin Tsai's CD! Of course, I can't understand lyrics by myself T__T, fortunately, there are a lot of websites which translate them <3


01. 美人計 / Honey trap / Mei Ren Ji
02. Missed call (interlude)
03. 玩愛之徒 / Love player / Wan Ai Zhi Tu
04. Secret talk (interlude)
05. 派大星 / Party star / Pai Da Xing
06. Let’s start the dance (interlude)
07. 黑髮尤物 / Black-haired beautiful girl / Hei Fa You Wu
08. 無言以對 / Nothing left to say / Wu Yan Yi Dui
09. L`amour est parti (interlude name)
10. 小傷口 / Real hurt / Xiao Shang Kou
11. 娘子漢 / Macho babe / Niang Zi Han
12. 七上八下 / Butterflies in my stomach / Qi Shang Ba Xia
13. 解散愛 / Let’s break up / Jie San Ai
14. I Love you too (interlude name)
15. 即時生效 / Take immediate action / Ji Shi Sheng Xiao
For now, 5 PV are available, can't wait for the others!

Honey Trap

Love Player

Nothing left to say

Butterflies in my stomach

Take immediate action


  1. ooh thanks for sharing these :) i didn't know that jolin had a new album out or new pvs!

  2. cool! yeah I agree after dancing diva her albums are just okay... i just heard "nothing left to say" from ur playlist and now i'm excited about the album :) tks for sharing!