Friday, September 3, 2010

What's up?

Hello Bloggies.

How are you? Well, I'm sick so rather tired. As usual, I've caught a cold with a tonsillitis... my nose looks like tomato... so cute -__-. Fortunately I've got a little guardian who stays with me, my little Meeko chan <3. I should add that my mum has a lumbago so I don't have a lot of free time... my home is a hospital these days x) everybody is sick.

 Galleries Lafayette

On September 10, I'm gonna move in Paris "lucky girl" right? But to be honest I hate Paris. I think this city is great when you go there for a week end, or during holiday as tourists, but living in Paris is totally different... I already lived in Paris during two years, one year ago, what a nightmare! But I don't really have the choice because my University to study japanese is located here... I hope it's gonna be alright. Furthermore, I'm gonna live in my dad's flat because he moves in Chamonix with his new wife and baby. This flat is awful x__x so dark. I shouldn't complain myself, I have a "roof". First day of school : 20 September

I've just booked a journey in Disneyland Paris for Halloween. It will be the birthday present of my little brother Noah. We are just addicted to Disney in my family x).

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