Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A new start in Paris

Hello bloggies! I'm so sorry I didn't have time to update my blog and visit yours this week... Indeed I moved in Paris (yeah I'm back in this city T__T), and I had so many things to do concerning my registration to INALCO (University to study japanese)... I'm exhausted!

So, this is my new school, it's pretty big, and there is a lot of people who wanna learn japanese... we are maybe 700 students, so to get a good schedule, we had to come early in the morning (around 4am) to set it up. It looked like a war... brawls etc. -__-'. Good point, week end on Saturday, Sunday AND Monday :). On Tuesday I had to do a road trip between Paris and my mum's home because the school sent my student card at the wrong address... I spent my day in train... without that card, I couldn't be able to choose my schedule. Anyway, I think it's gonna be very difficult... **be strong**. Class will start on September 21.


In one of my article, I was talking about my dad's flat, well my flat in Paris... now I've got some pictures, now  you can understand why I'm not very "happy" lol. There is so much to do, this flat is so untidy... because my dad finally... well he never really lived here as he found a new girlfriend. And you can see this wonderful decoration T__T... men don't care, so he never did anything to decorate his flat. I should add that this place is a kind of bubble for journalist (my dad's job) so pictures everywhere, african masks etc. For now, I don't know how I could bring a part of my own bubble there... as I said... so much to do...

 Kitchen u__u

Living room T__T

A part of the bedroom (let's forget the bathroom x__x)

Main decoration by dad :

Yeah... much to do... GAMBARE! **help**


  1. i am so jealous you moved in paris! i mean,come on so many people spend so much money to be there! i am jealous! have a great life there and we want some japanese! haha

  2. i wish i could go to Paris. so lucky! wow... you're learning japanese. Ive always wanted to learn japanese. I only learn chinese at school.

  3. I think it would be so much fun and exciting to redecorate the flat according to your style, although it's gonna be so much work but still at the end you'll be proud of it. And such a lovely place to study. Lucky you!:-) goodluck

  4. Wow, to live in Paris sounds fun. Well look on the bright side, you got the place to yourself and quite frankly, I thought it looks nice. Uhh, just box everything up and stuff them into an unused room and everything will be alright *fingers crossed*

    Good luck in Paris

  5. I'm jelous u live in Paris!! I love Paris. I used to live less than 4 hours away from Paris!