Thursday, September 9, 2010

Japan last week

- July 17-

This place is so crowded! And again... it was too hot, this time I really thought that I will faint... and I was alone, so after a quick walk in this pedestrian street with a lot of stores for Harajuku Girls and Gyaru, I found a Yoyogi Koen (park) close to the JR station. An umbra zone *__*. Actually you have to pay to get in two parts of this park (not expensive). I'm not gonna tell details but I've spent time with a guardian of the park xD he was very curious about France... I wanted to go to Shinjuku too but I didn't have time.

- July 18-

At 11 am I met some of my friends at Hachiko's statue near from Shibuya Station. It was so difficult to find them because of the crowd again x__x. We had decided to go to Yokohama to watch Fireworks at night. Three of my friends bought a Yukata for this event. Two young "journalists" came to interview us, so two of my friends answered to his questions.


In Yokohama we spent our afternoon into "ChinaTown", ate different food. Again, a very hot day, we were exhausted... there were so many people to watch fireworks... difficult to find a good place. After the show, we walked around during an hour to avoid the crowd in public transport, Yokohama is such a beautiful town, especially at night! You really should visit this place if you go to Japan. In the train, everybody felt asleep just like japanese people lol so many of them sleep in subway, it's unbelievable. Back at home I had the chance to meet an other roomate : Rasha, she was so shy haha it was cute.

- July 19-

Ayumi Hamasaki ;) 

That day I was rather sad... can't explain why. So after school I did shopping with Rasha, I bought a lot of souvenirs as it was my last week in Japan. 

- July 20-

I planned to go to Tokyo Tower with one of my classmate Silvana hehe, yes I had to see it and to compare it with my dear Eiffel Tower (I love you lol). On the prospectus it was written "bigger than the Eiffel Tower" "lighter than the Eiffel Tower" etc. hehe but I'm sorry the Eiffel Tower is more beautiful and the landscape too ;p. BUT I must admit that the elevator is awsome!

- July 22-

Pokemon card mission. Again, with my dear Silvana, we went to Hakihabara to find pokemon cards for my little brothers. I thought it would be easy to find, there are so many stores which sell manga stuffs.. but no pokemon anywhere o_O. So I asked to several sellers where I could find them, one of them found me a map  (soooo nice) to help me to find a huge mall center, I think 7 floors, maybe more... mission accomplished! Ouf! I was in late for my goodbye party with my hostfamily... so rude :/. My host mum bought us a Yukata... Yukata party finally x) **secret pictures** I had a great time!

- July 23 -

Last "real" day in Japan. After school, I met some of my french friends who were in Tokyo too! **Lucky**.  Again we went to Karaoke and again I didn't really sing (I mean not alone hum).


  1. nice :D i can´t wait till we go visit Japan too :D
    oh i can´t even imagine how hot it´s gonna be x)

  2. Looks like loads of fun! Thanks for sharing ^ ^