Wednesday, September 29, 2010

やっほー! ^__^

今日は !!! お元気 ですか? ;) (易しいですね)

Well, I'm still in Paris in my sad flat lol. I'm so busy that I have not time to update my blog and to comment yours... I'm sorry! I've spent my week trying to clean this f**king flat because I had a huge allergy, I couldn't sleep and breathe... a nightmare! I had to put an other mattress into the living room... my dad's bed seems to be full of dust mites... u__u. Finally the decoration is no more on the top of my priorities! Looks like camping!

Now, concerning University, II'm not fully satisfied... no organisation, too many students, no seat, sometimes no table, how convenient to write... this is really exhausting too and demotivating... I've got so many books that I don't have enough place for them x). The most scaring is Kanji book OMG O__O, I'm crazy!

The weather is so cold in Paris these days... summer is definitely over :( **sad**. I have to buy new clothes, but again no time and to be honest I'm not very motivated to go in public places because of these numerous bomb alert these last weeks... Going out in Paris is rather scaring even going to school...

Fortunately, I have my sweet Soui who can makes me smile. During September we have celebrated our 6th "birthday" (wow old couple x__X).

Homeworks are waiting for me T__T

See you!


  1. Awww such a sweet pic! All the stress in the world really melts when you're with someone you love*wink*:-)

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwww.. I love the last pic of your and your love, so sweeeet! <3

    I agree with Minakichu, everything seems a little easier when you're with someone you love to hold you tight..