Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

My sweet bloggies, I wish you a Happy New Year!!!

Hope you had a great time with people you love, family, friends or boy/girlfriend. What's the tradition in your country? In France, most part of people goes to parties and dance/drink all night long. So January 1st is very difficult lol, everybody is exhausted x__x. But to be honest, I prefer to stay at home with people I love the most. Of course we did something special and we had fun, but it was very peaceful.

What about 2010? Well my resolution was to do more sport... but I didn't xD. During 2010, I took a gap year because I really needed a break to focus on myself and my futur. I was so happy to spend so much time with my family! I love them so much!!!

One of my dream has come true: I went to Japan! I met amazing people, it was so rewarding! I'm so thankful! As I had a lot of free time, I started to study japanese by myself at home, and then in Tokyo I went to a special school, it makes me fall in love with this language. Then, in September I decided to study japanese in a french University in Paris, but it was a mistake, result : 2011 is gonna start with failed exams. Why a mistake? Because it is located in Paris, because we are too numerous so they have to be very demanding, so demanding that it makes you drive crazy. I don't want japanese to become a chore... But don't worry, I'm already graduated... I'm just very disappointed... I'm gonna go to University until June and then I don't know... maybe going to Japan again and longer. I'm gonna quit Uni but I'm not giving up with japanese. Or maybe I will do a last year at school to get licence (tourism?), or I will join corporate world... don't know, I'm rather lost.

I also got my driving licence... some of you would like to say : FINALLY!!! Because, yes, I'm very scared about driving... I hate it! It was a real challenge! The driving exam was such a nightmare...

Of course, a lot of other things happened, but I can't write everything here, because it's gonna be a huge article xD, so stop here! But let's do our best to make 2011 a great year.

Gift time again lol. In France we use to have "étrennes" which are a kind of Christmas bonus. I get the DVD of Sex and the City 2 (I loooooove it, I can't wait to go back to mum's place to watch it with her ;) thank you again), and also Ayumi Hamasaki - Arena Tour 2009 - NEXT LEVEL's DVD and Namie Amuro Past Future Tour 2010 (I've nerver watched one of her concerts). I have a lot of things to watch x) but first... EXAMS!!!!


  1. u went to japan..aww thats so gr88 ..i always wanted to visit coz my x was frm japan,,,,...And congrats on ur driving license..
    happy new year

  2. Happy new year 2011 Catamiaou ;)

  3. @Kayraheart : yes it was amazing! I hope someday you will be able too go there :). Happy New Year!

    @Ceyphora : merci à toi aussi! Tout le bonheur du monde, tu le mérite!