Friday, January 14, 2011

About ELF part 1

Yay, I've finally tried ELF products, real phenomenon because of its attractive prices! A lot of magazines mentioned that brand, and some of my friends too, so that's why I wanted to try ELF.

So first disadvantage... even if prices are very attractive, well delivery fees aren't xD. If you don't wanna pay delivery fees you have to buy an amount around 70 euros of products x__x.

Anyway, I bought these products:

- 4 "elf Essentials Brightening Eye Color" : Luxe, Drama,  Ethereal and Brownstone
- 1 Under Eye concealer & Highlighter
- 1 Waterproof eyeliner
- 2 Shimmer Eyeliner pencil
- 1 Mineral eyeshadow
- 1 gloss
- 2 lipsticks
- 1 contouring blush & bronzing powder
- several brushes and applicators
- 1 sunscreen powder UVA/UVB Protection
- 1 "All over color stick"
- 1 conditioning body butter

Let's try them!

Eyeshadow ==> Drama 10/10

Well, nothing to say, colors are great, they are easy to use, not really "dusty". I totally recommand that product!

Eyeshadow ==> Ethereal 6/10

Well as you can see on my picture, colors are not very "powerful" lol how could I say... The white one (number one) is more shiny than "Drama", it can be a good point... the orange (number 2), well I think you can't even see it LMAO xD, the pink one (number 3) is discreet but if you use it well with the color 4 you can get a wonderful make up! Number 4 is definitely one of my fav'! I could reorder that product just for the number 4! **in love**.

Eyeshadow ==> Brownstone 8/10

This one is perfect for a natural make up style! Be careful, colors are mat. But I think that at the end of the day if you don't adjust your make up once a day... it turns bland, you can look tired lol. So with this one, we readjust our make up.

Eyeshadow ==> Luxe 8/10

A very good product, but maybe a little complicated to "use" for me, I'm nut used to these colors so I don't really know what to do for now LMAO. But colors are gorgeous. The result is the same on my skin.

This article is already rather long because of pictures, and right now it's 1:00 am and because of my lights, my photos are not very good (colors). I will show you the other products in an other post. Concerning eyeshadow (powder), no problem with ELF, you can order! Awsome to get a lot of eyeshadow colors.

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  1. I've seen elf around but never tried them but they do have lovely colors if you're looking for the natural look! Great reviewwwww!!!