Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Hello bloggies! As always: it's been a while lol. So this week-end, it's Halloween! Not very popular anymore in France... I remember when I was a child, everybody decorated houses and streets. Now, in mall center there is only one departement... Anyway this year I'm gonna "celebrate" it, not asking for candies lol but a nice journey to Disneyland Paris with my family and my boyfriend. I'm gonna be a cat lool so scary yep! Good I need that, I'm rather in a bad mood these days.



  1. Trip to Disney for Halloween is so nice! I would celebrate it that way if I had the money :D Hope you had a lot of fun and your mood improves ^__^ and tks for the lovely comment!

  2. thats sounds like fun!! i didnt know paris had a disneyland.

  3. Disney is super fun even for us grownups, do post some pics when you go there:-)